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Reduced Cost, Reduced Risk and Environmental Responsibility

Businesses of all sizes are dealing with increasing costs, risks and uncertainty related to energy consumption.

  • Ever Increasing energy costs
  • Grid stability
  • Load shedding

Together with strategic business partners, we combine technologies, systems and industry expertise to create unique Solar PV solutions that provide efficient, money-saving, energy-generation and storage options for businesses which significantly reduce risks related to energy generation and consumption, and also have a huge positive impact on our environment.

Reduced Cost

Solar power generation is an excellent business investment. Generating energy on-site avoids grid electricity costs, has a relatively short payback period, and an internal rate of return that surpasses the investment criteria of most organisations.

Funds saved from reduced fixed operating costs can also be applied to initiatives that grow your business. With a choice of financing options, solar is an excellent investment asset for any enterprise.

Reduced Uncertainty and Risk

Besides the obvious advantage of reducing your reliance on national grids that are facing increasing resiliency challenges and becoming more prone to load sharing initiatives, your kWh costs are fixed over the lifetime of your system, taking much of the guesswork out of forward financial planning and forecasting relating to energy.

Solar PV solutions are also low maintenance. Panels provided by our partners come with 100% project insurance protection, 12-year product warranty, and 25-30 year, four-step/linear power warranty. Which means you are adequately covered. You’re in safe hands with our proven vertically integrated expertise.

The entire system is also under 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring with performance dashboards available for internal management and maintenance staff.

A Boost for the Environment

The positive benefits on the environment from Solar PV installations are huge.

  1. Reduced reliance on fossil fuels – renewable energy sources such as Solar PV reduces our reliance on fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal which are finite and non-renewable.
  2. Reduced water consumption – traditional energy generation technologies use massive amounts of water during the energy generation process, which is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, and
  3. Reduced GHG emissions – energy generation is one of the main contributors to global carbon emissions. Clean energy solutions, therefore have a major positive on emissions and climate change.

It’s not just about being green – it makes economic sense.