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Interventions That Suit Your Requirements

We offer a range of energy interventions - some are very simple and enable you to save money almost immediately, such as supplier rate optimisation and elimination of waste, through analysis of your energy bills. Other options include infrastructure retrofits and installation of sophisticated control equipment to drive energy efficiencies and reduce consumption.

Your energy action plan and the interventions you deploy should be the result of a comprehensive audit and analysis of your bills and environment. Some interventions may provide immediate or very short payback periods (typically 5 to 15 percent with little-to-no required capital expenditure). Our customers typically use these savings to fund more capital-intensive interventions.

As you reach higher levels of maturity in energy efficiency, it becomes more challenging to find quick wins - your energy and cost reduction targets become more conservative and the solutions you deploy more sophisticated. No matter where you are on the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability continium, we provide solutions, services and technologies to ensure you attain your goals. Some of the interventions we support are listed below:

  • Rate plan optimisation
  • Operations optimisation
  • Energy efficient and environmentally-friendly business practices
  • Energy conservation, through behavior modification
  • Energy efficient hardware retrofits, such as lighting, HVAC, boilers, compressors and VSDs
  • Intelligent sub metering, controllers (DDC's) and building automation systems (BAS)