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A Complete Approach to Energy Efficiency

  • Maximise Profits
  • Reduce Emissions

We define Energy Efficiency as the effective use of energy to maximise profits by minimising costs and reducing emissions - a cycle of continuous improvement (typically known as Monitoring, Targeting & Reporting, or MT&R).

  • Measuring your usage
  • Targeting opportunities for improvement
  • Implementing interventions and reporting your progress
  • Re-assessing, refining your strategy and deploying more sophisticated solutions or interventions

Our solutions are architected to provide you with the appropriate tools, services and insights to successfully execute on your Energy Efficiency initiatives - no matter what your maturity level. We provide:

  • Support for all measurement mechanisms - from manual entry to intelligent meters and data loggers
  • Advanced modelling and analysis tools to identify Energy Efficiency opportunities
  • Support for a full range of interventions from simple process modifications, to hardware retrofits and full BAS, BMS and SCADA integration
  • Tools to monitor and report your progress, from simple batch reports, to role-based, performance dashboards and corporate disclosure

In addition, our Energy Management System, eSight® may be deployed as a modular, cloud-based, SaaS solution - catering to the needs of organisations of any size.

All Energy Efficiency opportunities are subject to economic and life cycle costing analysis to assess investment requirements and ROI. Financing options are available for projects requiring capital expenditure and are typically offset against savings related to energy savings and operational improvements.