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Taking Fuel Efficiency to the Next Level

  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Reduce Emissions

Our Fuel Efficiency solution is a comprehensive suite of technologies, tools and services targeted at reducing fuel consumption and emissions of internal combustion engines that power vehicles, generators and other equipment vital to your business - a turnkey package that saves you money and reduces your environmental impact.

Interventions include combustion, air intake and lubrication enhancers that increase device efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. Our emissions mitigation solution then compensates for all emissions produced during the combustion process - a Carbon Zero Fuel Solution.

On-board monitoring and control systems feed real-time telemetry data into our Management and Sustainability Intelligence platforms to track and optimise performance.

All services such as distribution, logistics, engineering and on-site maintenance are also included as part of the implementation - ensuring projects deliver on-time and on budget, without additional overhead on your operations.

All projects are subject to economic and life cycle costing analysis to assess investment requirements and ROI. Financing options are available for projects requiring capital expenditure - repayment schedules are structured to ensure that operational cost savings are achieved.